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Introduction of Thai Nguyen tea

Thai Nguyen is a province located in the north and adjacent to Hanoi. Thanks to the natural conditions and endowed by nature, combined with soil suitable for growing tea trees; moreover, Thai Nguyen tea trees bring high economic efficiency for households and businesses in the locality. Therefore Thai Nguyen tea in province are methodical invested and gradually being a well-known tea producing regions in Vietnam.

Currently, Thai Nguyen has many well-known tea areas such as La Bang tea, Trai Cai tea, Phuc Thuan tea, and stands out with especially delicious is the Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen tea.

Thai Nguyen tea is divided into several categories: delicious tea, medium tea and poor tea.

Delicious Thai Nguyen tea is easy to recognize with the naked eye, because of small and black wings, smell fragrant when bring up to your nose and smell sweet when chewing into your mouth.

Thai Nguyen tea which has poor quality often used to export at very low cost, only about 30-40.000 VND per kilogram. Therefore, Thai Nguyen tea brand in the international market is not highly appreciated.

The most delicious tea is in Tan Cuong Commune. Previously Tan Cuong Commune belonged to Dai Tu District – Thai Nguyen, then belonged to Thai Nguyen City. Tan Cuong Commune has 3 famous growing tea regions: Tan Cuong, Phuc Triu and Phuc Xuan. One feature makes Thai Nguyen tea famous, delicious is taste acrid before – sweet after, which without tea areas of the province can have. Probably thanks to land and soil of Tan Cuong; therefore, Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen tea was known as the first famous tea.


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If you have opportunity to visit Thai Nguyen, you can visit the hills of green tea, or the rolling hills of tea plantation, and enjoy a cup of delicious Thai Nguyen tea, to enjoy the essence of heaven and earth.

Thai Nguyen tea soil has long become a brand, as well as Miss of Vietnam tea village. Thai Nguyen land, especially in Tan Cuong tea region, is the traditional growing areas of Thai Nguyen. It has the characteristics of extremely ideal soil and extremely suitable climate, extremely hard man consent to create grace to grow tea plants.

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Currently, Thai Nguyen tea area as the introduction of Thai Nguyen Tea Association, there are about 20 thousand hectares, in which about 18 thousand hectares for harvesting. Most of this area was planted hybrid branches teas, with high yield and better quality tea than old days midlands tea that forbear still planted.

Thai Nguyen tea originated from?

There are many possible explanations for the origin of tea in Thai Nguyen. According to historical documents, the tea trees appear in Thai Nguyen town from the old days, but mainly tea grows wildly in the forest or inside the gardens. Thai Nguyen tea just really go down in history as the most delicious teas in Indochina thanks to Doi Nam, who was sent to Tan Cuong to exploit, open plantations, teaching people to grow tea brought from Phu Tho. The first Tan Cuong tea packages called Canh Hac Tea , Bach Hac Tea of Doi Nam fired a spectacular shot at the Dau Xao Fair in Ha Noi organized by the French colonists in the beginning of the 20th century, since Thai Nguyen tea is the French officials, elites and foreign merchants’s favorite tea, regarded as the most delicious teas as they had been drinking. Indeed, Thai Nguyen tea is also processed to present to the King of Nguyen Dynasty with the name Tan Cuong Long Am 1kg. According to legend, the Virgin picked of tea leaves by mouth.

Wings of delicious authentic Thai Nguyen tea have hook shape, kinky curl steadily and fragrant nuggets. Tea is planted and cared carefully, and harvested manually by soft hands of the Lassies. Tea is backed manually by cast-iron pan, using special aromatic wood, avoid using pungent wood to deodorize tea. Finished wing tea will converted into green pulp when chewing. While enjoying tea, you will smell acrid but not shock, then specific sweetness of tea. Taking a sip of tea, not eating anything, closing your eyes, immersing yourself in the sweet, fragrant and gentle flavor will remind Thai Nguyen tea in your mind. Then you can admire, tea cultivation practice, practice techniques of tea processing, baking tea as a true tea artisan. Over the years, Thai Nguyen tea plays an important role, deeply in Vietnam culinary culture.

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The most famous delicious tea regions  in Thai Nguyen include Tan Cuong region with an area of 5 thousand hectare. Tan Cuong tea have natural fragrance, slightly acrid, yellow-green water color, sweetness still remain in taste when finish drinking. This is the First famous tea in Viet Nam. Next is the Lang Bang tea area adjacent to the foot of Tam Dao mount with an area of nearly 4 thousand hectares. Third, the Trai Cai tea area which have special delicious taste. Besides, there have Dinh Hoa, Phu Luong, Pho Yen tea regions.

Famous everywhere, Thai Nguyen tea is consumed both domestic and foreign markets, in which the domestic market accounted for 70% with the green tea products, green tea specialties. The rest are exported to the Middle East, Korea, Japan and Eastern Europe. In fact, the price of Thai Nguyen tea consumed in the country are higher than other tea producing regions and relatively stable, currently at 150,000 VND to 250,000 VND per kilogram of finished tea on the medium level; from 260.000 to 5000,000 per kilogram of green tea specialties. Some special tea such as Tan Cuong Dinh Ngoc 400gr priced 3.5 million.

As you step onto each areas of the country, you will have different feelings in the general beautiful picture of the country. Slowly, deliberately, unhurried strolling on the tea fields, far out of sight tea hills of Thai Nguyen, you will feel lightheaded and fill your chest with feelings just in here. Tea cultivation, processing of tea, baking tea and ensuring quality over time is an artistic process. The process was a beauty need to be preserved and kept for posterity forever. In parallel with that, we need to make Thai Nguyen tea became a quality brand in order to compete in the market, it is extremely necessary.                                                             

Whenever spring comes, sitting with hot green tea pot in the cozy atmosphere of the first day of new year, everyone feel the bud of spring like the rising tea’s shoot. In the hot air of summer, the moments relaxing with cup of tea is really gracious moments.

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